I remember when I won my first remote control toy. It was a small helicopter with two functions, flying up and flying down. It went up, then took a nose dive and crashed to the floor. The worst part was that you couldn’t really control where it was going, the wind pretty much did that for you!

Even with a pathetic flight time (1 minute), I still remember waiting for it to load, going out to fly, and watching it hit the ground over and over, and yet, at the end of the day, I was hungry for more.

A decade later, and here we are today, in a world where micro quadricopters fit in the palm of your hand! And now they can maneuver in whatever direction they want, fly faster than you can run, and even record videos!

These are the 4 best beginner drones we recommend. Before talking about each drone individually, you should know that there are other drones besides these, all with similar prices, but these are the most popular, and the most suitable for beginners (in our opinion) in this price range.

All four of these drones are very fast and agile so it can be a bit challenging to fly for the first time. But once you begin to fly with confidence, you should be able to fly with almost any drone (including larger and more advanced models such as the DJI Phantom 2).

Cheerson CX-10 $ 40 Check the current price
Hubsan X4 $ 130Check the current price
Hubsan X4 with Camera $ 149 Check the current price

Cheerson CX-10

drones for less than $200
The first candidate is CX-10 micro-drone. Every now and then comes a product that instantly becomes a bestseller, and the remarkable Chexx CX-10 fits into that category. There are many models that have tried to dominate the nano drone market, but none have been as successful as this little drone. Do not be fooled by the small size and ridiculously low price of this model, as its technology is quite impressive.

With an advanced flight control board, it can perform acrobatics that will surprise you. You will get about 5 minutes of flight with the Lipo 100 battery and it will take about 15 minutes to recharge. If the battery charge is low, the LEDs will start blinking and it is time to land and recharge.

A disadvantage of the CX-10 is that the battery is very difficult to remove. So if you are planning to buy more batteries for an ongoing flight, then Hubsan will be a better option. Most of all, I think the CX-10 is a great drone for birthday or Christmas present. It’s fun to fly, and if by chance you hit and break it, it’s cheap enough to buy another.

Hubsan X4

drones for less than $200

The Hubsan X4 is a great little drone. It is slightly larger than the CX-10, making it much easier to spot when it’s flying away. Another feature of the X4 is the removable battery. Unlike the CX-10, you can easily remove the battery from the X4 Hubsan, so you will not need to wait for recharging to fly again if you have an extra battery.

All of these drones have spare parts available, but the Hubsan has an optional prop protector to help protect the drone. You can also buy a larger set of batteries, which will provide more flight time, and a larger charger to charge up to 4 batteries at one time.

Hubsan X4 with Camera


Just like the other X4 Hubsan, this drone flies smoothly. The only downside (compared to the first without the camera) is that the flight time is a bit smaller and it is a bit heavier.

Some important details

drones for less than $200

The biggest difference between the Hubsan X4 and the CX-10 in terms of functionality are the remote controls.

One reason the CX-10 is my least favorite on this list is because of the tiny control that comes with it. It’s so small you can barely hold it. In addition, it does not have as many features as Hubsan’s control. On the other hand, the small control of the CX-10 is quite easy to carry around, it fits in any backpack, bag or bag. So if convenience is important, then this could be a bonus.

Syma X5C

drones for less than $200

Syma is one of the best brands of quadcopters in the world. What is your best selling model? The Syma X5C.

The Syma X5C is fantastic. It’s a complete, sturdy drone that perfectly emulates what more expensive drones can do. It already comes with everything you need to start flying as soon as you open the box. Inside is the drone, two spare propellers, four propellers, the remote control (which is very good, by the way), the drone battery, a charger, a screwdriver, a 2GB micro SD card, a Adapter to connect it to the computer, and the instruction manual.

The X5C is cheap – and sturdy – enough so you can fly without fear of breaking something if you happen to crash somewhere. It is absolutely perfect to get the feel of piloting drones before investing in something bigger and better. Without a doubt we will make a post dedicated just to Syma X5C soon, to analyze it better, so stay tuned.

Check out the current price of these four drones below:

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