drones in business

In recent years, the use of drones has become crucial in certain industry sectors. Many ventures are using drones in their business to reduce costs.

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Drones are gaining great popularity all over the world, and with all this excitement, it’s only a matter of time before the skies are buzzing with these devices.

In addition to commercial uses, drones are also used in various applications for ordinary consumers.

Here are six great ideas for small businesses using drones:

1. Use in advertising

The use of drones for advertising is still slow, but it has great potential in advertising, especially in local advertising.

Drones can fly with promotional banners or promotional gifts and / or free samples to promote products without spending a large amount of money. For this, the company just needs a drone and a trained employee to operate the drone manually or to program it.

In addition, the drone can be equipped with loudspeakers to broadcast music and advertising messages. This would be an innovative and different way to traditional radio advertisements that, lets face it, have become obsolete and dull. It would certainly help the brand to stand out. Drone advertising is fun and modern, as well as stimulating the curiosity of potential customers.

2. Sports actions

Nowadays one of the main actions in the sports sector (clubs and sports associations) is to approach the fans. With the use of drones this becomes a whole lot easier. Through high quality cameras, the drones can broadcast sporting events in real time for television.

A major advantage over conventional filming is that the drone can shoot in close proximity. If you’re a big fan of a certain sports, you’ve probably figured out where the action happens, with the drones you can capture photos and videos of these moments at perfect angles.

3. Reporting

In the past, there were places reporters simply could not access. This is due to some places were restricted for many reasons.

However, with a drone, all locations are open to be viewed and broadcasted. The equipment goes to places that reporters do not have access to or are in dangerous locations, like a recent drone mission into a erupting volcano. In addition to this, rescue missions drones can be sent to dangerous locations to record them, aiding in the search.


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4. Air inspection

Once programmed, a drone can do an active field search and relay all information at super speed. One of great advantages is information can be gathered fast and easily. The sensors also provide good resolution images of the terrain. If you need data with higher resolutions, just fly at a lower altitude to capture better quality images.

5. Inspect Infrastructure

Periodic inspection of infrastructure works is necessary for safety reasons. Therefore, companies that operate pipelines and power lines can decide between a team to inspect a work or use drones for this function.

The great advantage of drones is that they can get closer to the locations, even if there are leaks with risks of explosion. In addition, some cases the human access to the site can be dangerous with obstructed vision , in these cases drones are ideal.

6. Air photos and videos of events

Drones can make breathtaking images! Despite being predominantly used to take landscape photos, the use of drones at events is growing, especially at wedding ceremonies.

Aerial perspective presents a beauty of a marriage that conventional photography fails to capture.

In these cases all you need is a drone and a camera. That being said, you should have experience in controlling this device, because an out of control drone on a special day is a recipe for disaster, especially indoors. Also, depending on the model, drones can be quite noisy. This may be a disruptive element at certain events.


With regulation and appropriate authorizations, the practical use of drone in business can only be poitive. You can really innovate your business through using drones creatively.


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