Drone lily and airdog

There are two new drones in development that want to take the self-market to new heights. Lily and Airdog are planning to launch products that feature the sophisticated “follow me” feature, a feature that allows users to record aerial videos of themselves without the need to pilot drones.

  • In addition to focusing on taking selfies, the products are also similar in the following points:
  • They are not commercially available.
  • The Airdog is scheduled to launch in April / May, and Lily for August this year.
  • They come with a tracking devices that the user has to upload.
  • The Lily comes with a button that can be placed on a wristband; The Airdog already looks like a wristwatch.
  • Both were awarded at CES (largest electronics fair in the world).
  • Lily won a “best in innovation” award earlier this month and Airdog won a “best in show” from Engadget last year.

Everyone will probably have their place in this niche market as they reach different styles.


In the Blue Corner

Lily, which the company defines as “the reinvented camera” is the cheaper of the two ($ 799 vs $ 1,599). Lily’s elegant design is not simply a matter of aesthetics. It is also waterproof, has “play in the air and fly” feature, and the camera and battery are imbued. Airdog has a more conventional design. It is not waterproof and you can not just toss it in the air to take off. Airdog uses a gimbal for stabilization and a battery that can be replaced. Lily does not have either. Image stabilization and battery life are issues that Lily has yet to address publicly.

Another key difference is that Lily has a camera. AirDog does not, however you can connect a GoPro. What Airdog has the edge over Lily is speed. According to technical specifications of the products, the AirDog can travel at 67 Km / h vs. 40 Km / h of Lily.

These drones look amazing, and the concept of an autonomous device that can film and follow you outdoors is very interesting. However, we will have to wait for the release of both to see if this idea will even avenge.

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