Cheerson CX-10 Review

When you look at the Chexx CX-10 for the first time, it looks like a toy traight out of a cereal box. Most people wouldn’t believe it coud even get off the ground, much less fly the skies. Well…. appearances can be deceptive.

The Chexon CX-10 is ridiculously small. By 2014, it was the smallest quadricopter in the world. Now let’s take a look at it’s features:

Inside the box

 Cheerson CX-10
2.4 GHz Remote Control
USB power cable
1 additional set of propellers
Instruction manual


Weight: 29g
Dimensions: 4cm x 4cm x 2cm
Flight time: 5-7 minutes
Range: 25 meters
 Recharge: 30-40 minutes

Remote Control

The control of the CX-10 is small, like the quadcopter itself. It has two levers and two buttons. Just like  video game controls, the levers can be pressed to activate a function, which in this case is used to change the speed settings and loop.

 Cheerson CX-10 Review

Since the buttons are only for calibration, you will only have to use them if the drone is “pulling” away. It’s has reasonable control, the only one thing is, it may not be a good  grip for those with large hands.

Flying with the CX-10

For its size, the Cheerson CX10 is surprisingly powerful. The small engines spin at fantastic speed and make an aggressive noise. The CX-10 is, in every sense, a small furious drone.

Cheerson CX-10 Review

Watch out! Cats hate the CX-10

If this is your first time flying a quadricopter, you’ll probably find the CX10 a little tricky, even with it’s admirably accurate controls. But don’t worry, by your second flight you will get used to the way it flies.

We recommend that you begin learning in a wide area, otherwise you could end up hitting walls, furniture or even your dog! Why be careful? You will understand right below.


 Cheerson CX-10 Review

The CheXX CX-10 is fragile. How fragile you ask? Well its “body” can take a few hits, but direct those same hits to the propellers and they bend very, very easily. This can be a nightmare, particularly if the drone begins to fly crooked and you don’t know which propeller is in trouble.

We had to replace the pair of propellers with the reserves that came with it during our test. We definitely recommend buying prop guards and some spare propellers when you order this quad.


The Cheerson CX-10 uses a Li-Po 100mAh battery. Cheerson claims that the CX-10 can get up to 8min flight, but we find this pretty improbable. Overall, you will have 6-7 minutes of flying, remembering that acrobatics drain the battery faster.

Cheerson CX-10 Review

One downside is that the battery is sealed in the CX-10.This means that there is no use buying several batteries and simply switching and continuing to fly, as you can with other drones. Batteries dead? Well you’ll just have to wait another 30 minutes to recharge. This can be done by connecting the CX-10 to your computer via USB.

You may be wondering “Why would Cheerson lock the battery?”

We don’t know either. The most plausible explanation is that they did this to force us to wait for the engines to cool. Makes sense – right?

Cheerson CX-10A

Following the success of the CX-10, Cheerson decided to release a new version, including the headless mode. The “headless” mode is a feature that allows you to point the lever and the drone follow that exact direction; this is regardless of the orientation of the “head” of the drone. This makes it Ideal for beginners.
Cheerson CX-10 ReviewIn practice, since no compass chip is used, the headless mode in this case is the so-called “course-lock” (a simple software solution). In addition, the battery takes less time to charge in this version.


The CX-10 is intended for those who want something super cheap and super small to fly around the living room, or in the backyard of home. Once you get the hang of it, it’s really cool to use objects in your house as obstacles, try to land on the computer desk, go through the window, and so on. The Cheerson CX10 is certainly a great buy for both beginners and seasoned riders.

Cheerson CX-10 mini drone

Flight time5

Check price of CX-10Check the price of the CX-10A

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