"Cheerson CX-10W: the world's smallest FPV drone"

Cheerson must worship tiny drones; first they made the CX-10 , after the CX-10A, then the  CX-10C , and now, the CX-10W . What these releases also suggest is that this company has a keen interest in the CX-10 series, and that it will not discontinue these models anytime soon.

The new Cheerson CX-10W incorporates a 720p camera with all the possibility of FPV, that is, from your smartphone you can see what the camera captures in real time. You can also record the feed video directly on your smartphone.

Cheerson CX-10W the world's smallest FPV drone

Inside the box

Cheerson CX-10W Quadcopter
USB cable
Extra set of propellers
Instruction manual


 360 degree flips
 Lightweight, only 15g
4 min flight


The design of the new Cheerson CX-10W is quite simple. There is nothing to mention except the fact that this is a cheap beginner model and its main purpose is to introduce you to the world of drones, and not be cute.

Three main colors are available: gold, pink, red and dark gray. The total weight is about 15 g, and this model is part of the nano / micro drones group.

Cheerson CX-10W the world's smallest FPV drone


The Battery already comes within the model, which is the standard for quads of this size. More expensive models have additional batteries to swap, but this is not the case with the CX-10W Cheerson. The battery that comes with it is able to provide about 4 minutes of flight time before needing to recharge again.

The recharging time is about 60 minutes which is the biggest disadvantage of this model since the flight time is limited so you need to wait a bit for the next flight.


The onboard camera lets you capture photos and videos with a resolution of 720 x 576 pixels. One minute of video with 16-bit mono audio takes up about 60MB and the result is about 200MB per flight.

The CX-10W does not require a micro SD card like its predecessor because the captured files are stored in the flash memory of the smartphone in the folder called “WiFiUFO”.

Of course we can not expect a brilliant image quality in this micro camera, but after a few tests, we can say that it is very good considering the price and size of the CX10W.


The CheXX CX-10W creates a Wi-Fi hotspot on the drone itself which you can connect using your smartphone. Now your cell phone can be used as an FPV monitor, and also as a remote control. The Cheerson app is available for Android or iOS.


It’s a bit difficult to control the virtual sticks and watch the feed video at the same time, but you get used quickly, just a little practice. You can also link the drone with a compatible control as the the CX-10C or Drone D1 (even less drone that the CX-10).


This mini drone is very stable when flying because the 6-axis system ensures a very smooth flight. Good news for those who like to do maneuver, the automatic looping feature is included in just push of a button.

The application also offers three types of flight that can be changed: slow, fast, pro.


The CX-10W cheerson is a very interesting micro drone. It’s made for beginners and enthusiasts who are taking their first steps in this hobby, but veterans will also enjoy the simplicity of this quad.

This drone can be a great gift for young people, or people who have never flown before, since it is controlled through the smartphone. Your kids will love it, and even you may enjoy it since these micro drones are perfect for entertaining and fun.

Cheerson CX-10W

Flight time4

Check the CheXX CX-10W here

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