Dji matrice 100 drone

Even with the success of its best-selling Phantom , the DJI haven’t forgeten the  people not content with RTF equipment (ready to fly – ready to fly) and prefer a hands – on drone.

The Matrice drone comes in a little high, with an initial price of $ 3,300.00. The idea behind this drone was to use cutting-edge embedded technology, and they have certainly achieved this. It includes:

  • Sonar for internal flights
  • GPS high precision
  • Fpv high resolution (Lightbridge) to make it easier flight

But be warned this not a drone for beginners, its primarily focused on developers who can harness the full potential of this quadricopter.

The maximum flight time is 40 minutes, but with 2 batteries and no camera on board, in normal use the time is naturally shorter.

Features Drone Matrice DJI

  • Expansion bays: bays for additional expansion allow you to add components, customize the load and fly with all the desired devices such as cameras, sensors, computer boards, communication tools, and more.
  • PMU and Universal Communication Ports
  • Matrice 100 has parallel ports can double for DJI device connection including orientation sensing system and dual parallel UART ports to connect third-party components.
  • DUAL battery compartments
  • Can fly with two batteries, increasing the flight time.
  • MOUNTING customizable and EQUILIBRIUM:There is enough space and flexibility for mounting the components in the frame.
  • Angle adjustable arm: This changing the angle of the arms can have a more aggressive or traditional riding.
  • 50% less vibration system Drive
  • Customizable control:control with operating distance of up to 2km and expansion for mobile devices.
  • Flight Controller Updated and integrated with LIGHTBRIDGE: New flight controller DJI N1 keeps the Matrice 100 stable and responsive to your commands throughout each flight. Data transmission itself and live HD display.

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