Dji phantom 4 vs 3

It is no surprise that the DJI Phantom 4 caused a stir in the world of drones with its extraordinary technology and performance.

But many Phantoms 3 owners are wondering: how much better is Phantom 4 vs phantom 3?

So in this article we will demonstrate the main differences between Phantom 4 and Phantom 3 Professional, which is the best version of series 3.

Detour of obstacles

The first and most important difference between these two models is the diversion of obstacles. The Phantom 3 has two cameras. It has a camcorder and one that controls the stabilization of the drone.

With the Phantom 4, they added three more cameras for better stabilization and deviation of obstacles. This is a great resource for novice pilots who are worried about hitting something on their first flight, as it prevents the drone from flying too close to objects.

Dji phantom 4 vs 3

Phantom 3 on the left and Phantom 4 on the right

Speed and Agility

The second distinctive feature of the Phantom 4 is the new sports mode. In this mode the drone deactivates the obstacle deviation and increases the top speed to 72 km / h (about 16 km / h faster than the Phantom 3 Professional).

Although the engines and propellers are visible in the shooting in this mode of flight, it’s a great way to film what’s beneath you at high speeds.

Dji phantom 4 vs 3

Shooting in sport mode, repair propellers

Battery life

With the Phantom 4 you have 25% more flying time. This may not seem like a big difference, but when it comes to flying in large fields, every extra minute counts.

The new battery also has more connection pins so the Phantom 4 and the charger can monitor the battery more accurately.


With Phantom 3, almost all footage is made by manually moving the control sticks. This is something that may be difficult for new pilots, especially if you want to film a moving object without making any sudden movements.

With Phantom 4, there are 2 new features called Active Track and Tap Flight.With Active Track you can select the object you are trying to shoot and the drone will automatically start following it.

Dji phantom 4 vs 3

Active Track: just select what you want to follow

This is different from the Follow Me built into Phantom 3 as this new feature uses learning algorithms to visually track objects, instead of just following a GPS signal from your smartphone.

Tap Flight is another feature intended for beginners. It allows you to fly smoothly to different locations just by tapping where you want to go on the screen.

Faster setup

Preparing the Phantom 3 Professional for flying has always been a painless process, but sometimes the procedure could take time when you have to screw each propeller into the engines.

That’s why the Phantom 4 has propellers that disassemble quickly. With the new propellers, you can mount them within 10 seconds and never worry that you have not squeezed it enough.

Gimbal and Camera

The Phantom 4 camera has a new lens that reduces distortion (the famous fisheye effect) and increases sharpness.

DJI Phantom: differences between Phantom 4 and 3

Phantom 4 camera on the right

Is it still worth buying a Phantom 3 Professional?

The big advantage in buying the Phantom 3 Professional instead of the Phantom 4 is the price. Currently, the Phantom 4 costs about $ 2,000 more than the Phantom 3 Professional.

Check out the DJI Phantom 3 here

Check out the DJI Phantom 4  here

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