So you may be asking, what is drone racing? Basically it’s wher racing pilots attmpt to build drones, also known as multiroles, that are extremely fast and agile and fly them around a circuit as fast as possible.

Although the pilots feet are planted on the ground, they fly as if they were sitting in the drone’s cockpit. This technique is known as First Person View (FPV).

Drone-racing-fpvSome pilots fly using FPV monitors, while others use specialized FPV glasses to give them a more immersive experience.


This sport is already starting to take off (hehe), but we believe it is still in its infancy, and what we watch in videos on the subject is “nothing” compared to the races we will see in the future.

That said, people who are participating in races are now truly pioneers of a new sport. These are the people who will define what a drone race is, how it should be regulated, which technology should be used and most importantly what it means to be a drone racing driver.


Drone raceing has great chances of becoming a new type of professional sport. As the only people who can actually see the first person race are the riders, the video production of the race will be the key to sharing the excitement with the public.

Check out below a trailer for the Drone Racing League, the largest professional league of drone racing:


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