Hold onto your hats, drones are now invading the romantic market, and are a strong trend for filming weddings. Want to get in on the action? Learn  how you can use your drone can make this day even more unforgettable and special for the couple!


In wedding ceremonies, it’s common to find professional photography and filming recording all the special moments of the party. With the popularization of the use of drone for this purpose, now new angles and high quality images can be captured. The aerial advantage means that filming can get more creative and spontaneous. Oh, and did I mention that the results are incredible!

That being said, the market photography and filming drone is still growing, which makes it essential to use good equipment, an experienced pilot (if you aren’t one yourself), monitoring of safety standards, and careful planning so as not to not disrupt the ceremony and please everyone. Here are the most common questions and tips for wedding images to be a success!


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> What kind of aerial images can we get from a wedding ceremony?

A drone that has a high quality camera attached to it can record beautiful images of a whole scene: it’s possible to capture specific points of where the ceremony will be held, taken from the church or place of the event, the arrival and departure of the guests and the Bride and groom, and the ceremony itself! It’s also possible to take pictures of hearts made up of people, photos with all invited guests, pre-wedding rehearsals such as the famous “books”, “save the date”, etc.

> Is it advisable to fly very close to the grooms and the guests during the ceremony?

In a word -no. Yes, I get it, you may want to capture the emotion, the watery eyes, the brides blisful smile, but safety always comes first. Despite the care and experience a professional driver can have, accidents are a possibility. And having your beloved DJI Phantom smack the grooms father upside the head, is not a memory anyone’s going to thank you for.  Leave it to the photographer or cameraman on the ground to take the closest images, since their equipment is much better prepared for this. The drones are great for taking images at a distance and getting those oh so valuable panoramic shots.

> Is it advisable to fly with the drone indoors?

Big no. First off, an enclosed space does not allow for much maneuverability and is full of obstacles. The noise of the equipment will also be disruptive. While you want to capture as much as posssible, you don’t want people trying to talk over a large buzzing drone.

> How to identify a good drone pilot?

Look for a imaging service that’s about quality and transparency. The company must introduce the members of its team, have a frank and honest conversation with the pilot and his assistants. It’s recommended to have a pre event flight session so you can see the pilot’s work. If any company has experienced a drone accident, it’s important to know the causes and clarify them.

 > How to prevent equipment from distracting people’s attention?

Most of the times drones with be a curiousity, and when the noise gets a little louder it simply arouses even more interest! The result is images where people appear “neck up” and in awkward poses. This problem also affects the photographers of the ceremony, who can not take beautiful photos while the guests are distracted. A practical way to resolve this is to establish clear communication, ie bride and groom, guests, and professionals in the event should be aware of the presence of the equipment and should be instructed not to constantly look at the drone (it is difficult, but it is possible !). Also, it’s important to talk to everyone about the noise and all the safety guidelines you need to keep things going! Special attention to children, as they are very curious and tend to want to touch the equipment.

> Where to hire a professional team?

There are now several professional aerial imaging companies available in the market. You can find them in agencies and consultancies for marriage, or through their professional websites and social networks. Some photographers and cameramen already offer in their service package the possibility of registering the wedding with “floor” images (with a DSLR) and with the drone. It is also possible to hire a drone pilot and his team separately.

drones in wedding photography


Well that should get you someway in knowing how to use drones for a wedding or any special event. If you are wanting to use drones for filming a special day, I recommend you get the very best drones for stability  open and a good enough pilot to planning special day. Check out my recommedations below.


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