Eachine H8 Mini drone with Headless mode Review

The Eachine H8 Mini may not be the lowest priced drone of the world, but it’s certainly one of the cheapest RTF drones in the world, costing around $ 55 .

You would expect a quad with this price to be built with super cheap plastic and a fragile body. Thankfuly, this is not the case for the H8 Mini Eachine. That’s not to say this is the toughest mini quad on the market, but the quality of the plastic is decent for the price.

Eachine H8 Mini drone with Headless mode Review
The Eachine H8 Mini is ready to fly (RTF) as soon as you open the box. Just get 3 batteries stick them in the remote control and connect the Li-Po battery to the main board (there’s no button, so do not even try to find it ). The starting process is the same as always; The usual left stick up and down.

It comes with a 150mAh battery, which is the standard for mini quads. It takes between 20 and 25 minutes to charge it through the supplied USB cable, and this gives you a 5-minute flight time indoors, and about 5 minutes outdoors.

Inside the box

 H8 Mini RC Quadcopter
 3.7V 150MAH Battery
 Remote Control
USB cable
Extra set of propellers
4 landing drills
Instruction manual


 Headless mode
Return to home function
 360 degree flips
Suitable for indoor and outdoor flight
Low Speed 40% and High 100%
 LED for better orientation
 Lightweight, only 20g
5 to 7 min of flight

Remote Control

At first glance, the control looks exactly the same as that of the tiny CX-10. But, if you put them side by side, you will notice that this control is a little bigger.Because of this, it fits better in your hands.

Eachine H8 Mini drone with Headless mode Review

The color of the control corresponds to that of the Quad. So if you ask for a black Quad, you will have a black control and so on. It needs 3 small batteries that are not included. In short, the controls are basic, but at least they aren’t as small as that of the CX-10.

Flying with the H8 Mini

We can say that the H8 Mini has interesting aerial capabilities. It is very easy to control it, even for beginners, especially at speed set at 40%. The flight speed can be switched between 40% and 100% by pressing the left analog directional button (as in the CX-10). It also features headless mode (if you do not know what it is click here ) and return-to-home function. The H8 Mini does not handle winds very well, so we advise you to fly when there is not much wind,  or fly it indoors.

Eachine H8 Mini drone with Headless mode Review


Perhaps the greatest benefit to the Eachine H8 Mini is its price. With this amount of money spent, you get a fun and study drone without any big hit to your pockets. The H8 Mini is highly maneuverable, especially when flying indoors. It may not be able to cope with heavy winds but compensates for this by offering features such as the headless mode (which makes it easier for you to orient yourself during the flight), and return-to-home (where the drone automatically returns To the original starting place with the push of a button).

In summary, the Eachine H8 Mini is a good drone for beginners because it’s super affordable. For only $ 55 you can start flying, and nothing, at least in the price category, can overcome that. It does not weigh in your pocket, and will allow you to hone your skills until you’re ready to fly a more expensive model.

Eachine H8 Mini Drone with Headless Mode



Flight time5

Check the Eachine H8 mini here

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