flying camera drone

“Follow me” is a very common feature seen in recent drones.  And I am sure many drone enthusiasts are aware of folding drones, which are great for portibility. However, few devices combine both these advantages……until Zero Zero Robotics new Hover camera that is.

As the name suggests, this drone is focused on aerial photography and videography. What makes this drone even cooler is the fact that its propellers are completely protected by a carbon fiber armor, making it incredibly safe and resilient.


As we can see above, you can literally grab it whenever you want, without sacrificing any of your fingers.

A Flying Convienence

The Hover Camera weighs in at 238 grams. It’s also quite small: when the wings and propellers are folded, it is the size of a VHS cassette (for those of you old enough to remember those). Once opened, you see that all four propellers have brushless engines, all of which were apparently developed in-house .

A company representative said that to allow precise control on such a small device, standard components found in the market simply wouldn’t work.

flying camera drone

The Hover Camera is the size of a VHS tape when closed

The Hover Camera does not come with a remote control; Everything is done with your fingers, and a couple of virtual buttons on a smartphone – all application are connected to the drone’s WiFi hotspot. A simple drag of your fingers and the camera turns on, you can also control the altitude and horizontal direction this way too.

There are also two dedicated buttons for forward and backward. Obviously, the application provides a live video feed, it also allows you to grab a copy at 720p resolution with an internal memory of 32 GB. You will need to use a Micro-USB 3.0 Type B cable to transfer the original copies to your computer.


How Much?

Zero Zero Robotics has not yet revealed the price of the Hover Camera, but everything indicates that it will be below $ 600, which actually isn’t that pricey  given its capabilities and materials. The beta is already being tested and if all goes well we will see this drone hit the market later this year.

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