Drones rope

Scientists in Zurich have been working since July 2012 on aerial construction. The idea is to use small drones to build structures that humans can then use. In this case, the drones were created to make rope bridges.

This may not sound terribly impressive, but wait until you find out how the bridge was made. First, the small drones must be able to control the tension in the rope reel, so that they can create braids and knots as needed.Then there is the problem of working together around pre-existing structures, all without crashing into anything or getting tangled in the rope. Once the main portion of the bridge is completed, the drones have to tie up the supporting parts, which require additional calculations.

The little drones use a plastic tube to guide the rope, so that they won’t interfere with its rotors. The specific type of cable used to build the bridge, Dyneema, was chosen for its good weight-to-weight ratio. This means the drones can maneuver it easily, yet have the strength to build bridges that support the weight of people.

We’re looking foward to see what they will be able to build in the future with the help of drones.

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