JXD 510G X-Predators FPV Review

Almost a year after the launch of the popular 509G quadricopter, JXD launched a new model in the market: the 510G. In appearance, at least, it seems that the 510G demonstrates superiority over its predecessor. However, looking further, we note that there were no major changes.

The JXD 510G presents itself as a subtle evolution of the 509G. In other words, it is a modernization of the old model. JXD chose to keep everything that worked well on the 509 model and repaginate the look. For example, the transmission system of the 510G is the same as the 509G.

JXD 510G X-Predators FPV Review

Just like in the old model, the 510 features two versions – a 5.8GHz FPV (510G) version and, a more affordable, FPV WiFi (510W). In this post we will talk about the 510G version, which comes with FPV monitor.


Dimension: 300 x 300 x 96mm
Diagonal Size of the Engine: 227mm
Engine Size: 9mm
Weight: 144g (with battery and camera)
Flight time: 6 to 10 minutes
Battery: 3.7V 600mAh 30C Li Po
Recharge time: 60 – 90 minutes
Range: approximately 50m
 Transmitter battery type: 4 AA batteries – 1.5V (not included)

Impressive style

The appearance of the JXD 510G really impresses. JXD has chosen a style that has distanced itself from the Yuneec Q500 – the style chosen favors design that looks unique. The result is a bright green color body that resembles a futuristic spacecraft.

JXD 510G X-Predators FPV Review

While its predecessor looks docile, the style of the 510G are anything but. Like an airborn shark, the style is sharp and powerful. It seems fast even when its standing still, so it’s no surprise that the JXD 510G was christened X-Predator. Underneath the new struture, however, the 510 maintains the same X-shaped design and landing gear of the previous model.

Another notable improvement is the new modeling of the battery compartment.The 509 had a weak compartment which has been replaced by a sturdy one, this is indicated with a click when it’s tightly closed.

Flight performance

The 510G features several flight characteristics similar to its predecessor.

JXD 510G X-Predators FPV Review

The 510 has features that most drones under $ 100 have, such as altitude control, a return button, HD camera, 3D flips and headless mode. It also has the same 3.7V 600mAh battery as its predecessor, with a flying time between 6 to 10 minutes.

A good feature of the 510G is the altitude control, which is always desired for this type of drone. Altitude control allows the drone to maintain the desired height. This means that the pilot doesn’t have to worry about controlling the altitude of the drone. Increasing or decreasing the altitude of the 510 is simply a case of pulling the joystick up or down. 

The altitude control aids piloting, making flight control easier, but this also has some drawbacks. For example, the barometer of the drone can be confused somewhat in windy conditions. This makes the 510 a little hectic and unstable.

The propulsion of the 510G is quite powerful, especially in good weather. In times of more agitated weather, with winds of up to 10km / h, the 510 can fly quite well, despite some difficulty.

Thanks to the powerful propulsion system, the 510G can perform aerial acrobatics smoothly. However, in situations of strong winds, the drone may worry the pilot a little, because it presents some difficulty in recovering from maneuvers.

JXD 510G X-Predators FPV Review

Another interesting feature in the 510 is the On / Off button. By pressing this button, the engines will turn on when they are on the ground, turning the propellers at minimum speed. When the 510G is in the air, pressing this button will decelerate and slowly descend to the ground.

After landing, the motors will automatically shut down. You can also land the 510G by maneuvering the knobs by the control. Once on the ground, the motors will turn off if the controls are continually pressed down.

The on / off switch seems like a very interesting feature, but comes with a downside – it is impossible to turn off the motors immediately. The 510G usually takes a few seconds before the motors are turned off. This can cause some problems, especially if the drone hits a tree or a obstacle in the air and you can’t turn off the engines immediately to prevent damage.

JXD 510G X-Predators FPV Review

In these situations, the motor can be stopped by activating with a specific sequence – moving the left knob in the lower left and the right knob (altitude related) in the lower right direction simultaneously.

Despite these little misconceptions, it’s easy to love your 510G. It’s a great quadricopter for both beginners and experienced pilots, with good flight performance.


The 510 G has an HD 2.0 MP camera that is identical to the 509G. The quality of the image also appears to be the same. The camera is docked in the 5.8GHz FPV transmitter and comes with a 4GB memory card and a space for a micro SD card to record pictures and videos. The angle of inclination of the camera can also be manually adjusted up to 30 degrees.

JXD 510G X-Predators FPV Review

It also comes in the package a 5.8GHz FPV monitor with a 4.5-inch screen along with a fold-out sunshield and removable antenna. FPV performance is excellent without any latency.


In short, the JXD 510G is essentially an evolution of the 509G. It comes with a 5.8GHz FPV camera, transmitter and flight performance as its predecessor, yet features redesigned body and landing gear.

The JXD featurs a unique, aggressively sporting drone body that is definitely catering to the masses. The appearance of the 510G is a strong point against its rivals, such as the recently released Syma X5HW.

Its predecessor (509G) quickly became popular by appearance, flight performance and durability. Thanks to the flexible structure and the landing gear, the 509G can take a few strokes and survive. With the 510G, JXD took all the features that everyone liked about the 509G and repaginated to create a fantastic speed spacecraft. This drone, it can truly be said, is something straight from science fiction films.

JXD 510G X-Predators



Flight time7.5

Check out the JXD 510G here

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