Syma X5UW-1

After a few years with great sales of the X5 series, Syma is back with another variant of the Syma X5. This time, the company completely innovated in the design of the drone, leaving almost nothing of the original design.

It’s a daring move from Syma, as the X5 series (along with the X8 series) is extremely popular, and playing around with this consolidated design can spell disaster for manufacturers. But they decided to risk it anyway, so let’s see what has changed!

Syma X5UW-2

The drone brings a couple of new features, plus, of course, the new rounded design. It comes with space to attach the smartphone in the control and use it as the screen for FPV. In addition, it comes with the “altitude hold” feature, which allows you to maintain a specific altitude in the air.


It also comes with a 2 mega-pixel camera, which transmits FPV video (via Wi-Fi) to your phone’s screen. In addition, the usual features of “headless mode” and “return home” button are also included.


The Syma X5UW is currently in pre-sales, and is expected to start shipping in August. The price is very attractive, costing less than $ 300 here.

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