Millennium falcon drone

The Millennium Falcon must be every Star Wars fan dream drone. The French hobbyist made this galatic wonder a reality after building one from home and deciding it was too good to keep for himself. And we here on Drones Reviews agree.

The drone is built around a carbon fiber airframe with foam pieces, however rest assured this is no “piece of junk .” Aside from the drone being very similar to the star wars ship, it also has some special modifications; Such as the luminating light at the back, which makes it appear even more real.

Millennium falcon drone

The buildig of the Millennium falcon drone  was fully detailed in posts with pictures here . In these posts he shows his construction steps and test flights, the inventor also reveals how he used 20mm and 30mm polystyrene insulation as his primary building material.

However, do not expect to fly off into the galaxies far, far away. Olivier admitted that with the current “body” the drone can only travel at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour, and that battery life is reduced to about five minutes.

But back to the fun, check out the Millennium Falcon flying in Hoth:

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