Dji phantom x

With the heated drone industry, one of the leading companies, DJI phantom, is already looking to the future.

The company released a video on Tuesday that shows what it calls the Phantom X Concept, and its new drone model with it’s sleek design is easy on the eye.

Dji phantom

Opting to focus less on futuristic design, the concept video highlights newfeatures that DJI wants to give later versions of the drones.

Among these features are free flight tracking, multi-angle recording and cornering. The video also shows how the multi-angle concept works with Apple Watch.

Dji phantom

And if you’re not sufficiently impressed by this new concept, the company has also tapped into the services of some notable people who speak as if Phantom X was a real product. Drone lovers include Chloe Bennet from Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, producer of House of Cards Dana Brunetti, as well as Pinterest and Adobe executives.

Bennet is shown even using gloves with fingers color coded to decorate the sky with the feature ” sky paint ” the new device.


We’ve already seen drones that will follow you, allowing you to take more and more epic selfies, but the idea of being able to paint the sky and have multiple angles at the same time are definitely features that we would like to see in the drones of the future.

It’s not clear how close we are to being able to buy these products, but the footage seems to have been projected using computer-generated effects. DJI did not respond to this type of comment.

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