pokemon go drone

Pokemon go drone, yes that’s right, let that ruminate in your noggin for a moment. As is If piloting a drone was not cool enough, imagine piloting a drone that helps you capture Pokémon in the Pokémon GO that you could not otherwise achieve.

TRNDlabs released a video this week demonstrating their new product: a Poké-Drone, and it looks incredible!

Just plug your smartphone into the remote control and a micro drone flies out of the control center. You can track live video from the camera on your cell phone and pilot the drone with a seemingly simple control.
Now you’re really ready to catch all the Pokémon!

It sounds too good to be true? Well, maybe it is.
Unfortunately, the Poké-drone still seems to be in the process of prototyping yet. In addition, TRNDlabs has no formal agreement with Nintendo to use the word “Poké” in their product.

There are also other problems. First, the drone takes a spoof on the GPS signal from your smartphone to the drone of the GPS signal and therefore you will have to make a jailbreak on your smartphone.

pokemon go drone

Second, the spoofing the GPS signal has been classified as fraud by the developer of the Pokémon GO, Niantic Labs. So much so that the company has already issued a wave of banishment on players who do this. Third, the camera connection between the drone and your smartphone also requires jailbreaking .

But calm down, let’s not give up, there is still some hope! TRNDlabs is working together with Nintendo to allow the camera and drone GPS to connect directly to the GO Pokémon application. It now remains only wait and keep an eye on the official website of Pokédrone.

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