In this guide we will show you the top 5 best drones for sale in 2016 and the reasons we made these choices.

There are four main factors, in our opinion, that you need to pay attention to when buying a drone. Each model was chosen based on its features, quality, ease of use and cost. However, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore other quadricopters when making your purchase, after all, everyone has different needs and reasons for buying a drone.

Before we begin, we should mention that all of the drones listed here are called multirotors, but most people call them “drones” because that is simply and easier to say. The “quadricopter” is a type of multirotor aircraft with four rotors. Now that you understood this, lets crack on!

 1 – DJI Phantom 3


If you’re looking for the easiest-to-fly drone, with the longest flight time and excellent video quality, the Phantom 3 comes highly recommend. There are a few other drones that have features similar to Phantom 3. But no other drone will provide you with a complete experience and all the most popular features for the same price.

The Phantom 3 has three different models. The top version, the Phantom 3 Professional, comes standard with follow-me function, GPS waypoints, points of interest, optical flow and ultrasonic sensors (for when the GPS signal are unavailable), 4K video, 20 minutes Flight and etc. The Phantom 3 Advanced does everything that Phantom 3 Professional does, except it records at 1080p instead of 4K.

The Phantom 3 Standard is the cheapest version you can buy. It has a simpler remote control (taken directly from Phantom 2), has no optical flow or ultrasonic sensors, but still has the follow-me function, GPS waypoints and records video in 1080p.

One of the biggest advantages of buying Phantom 3 is the large amount of videos on YouTube, websites and people in general talking about this drone. Any questions you may have, there will always be someone on the internet who knows the answer. You will also find many more aftermarket accessories, such as backpacks for transportation, which are not compatible with other brands of drones.

Check out the DJI Phantom 3 here

2 – DJI Inspire 1

best drones for sale

If you ever get a chance to see this drone live, you’ll want one for yourself. With a design that seems to come from a science-fiction movie, Inspire 1 is the most professional RTF drone you can buy.

The DJI Inspire 1 is probably one of the best drones we’ve ever seen. There is not much that Inspire 1 “can not” do. It comes standard with all the features of Phantom 3 Professional, but with a much more sophisticated and better quality design. It is almost twice as large and twice as fast as Phantom 3. In addition, the Inspire 1 comes with a 4K camera in a 360 degree gimbal, which means you can control the camera’s movement completely independently of the Inspire 1. This makes it great, not only to be operated by a second person at the same time, but also to be locked at angles regardless of the wind conditions.

It is not possible to cover everything about Inspire 1 in this article, but one thing we say for sure, this is not a drone you want to buy a beginner as a gift. The inspire 1 costs about $ 18,000 (although it can be found cheaper here) and is primarily meant for people who want an incredible tool for aerial video, search, rescue, 3D mapping, and any other professional application. The price and the fact of being indicated for a more “professional” use are also the reasons why we decided to put it behind Phantom 3 in this list.

That said, Inspire 1 is also one of the easiest drones to fly. So even if you don’t want it for professional use, and just want the best drone of the moment, the Inspire 1 is definitely a worthwhile product.

3 – Yuneec Q500 4K


Compared to DJI and 3D Robotics, Yuneec is a relatively unknown company, however, this has not stopped them from competing in this heated market. The Q500 4K is Yuneec’s newest model and as its name implies, it records 4K video as Phantom 3 and Solo. Although it looks odd, it comes with a nice number of features compared to other drones in this price range. For example, it comes with two batteries and a hand stand which allows you to remove the camera (and gimbal) from the quadricopter to use it as a DJI Osmo style mini hand stabilizer.

As the Q500 4K is not super popular compared to other models, you will not find a lot of information and videos on it, nor will there be many third-party accessories available, but this should not stop you from considering it as a great option. The most interesting feature of the Q500 4K is that it has an Android device built into the remote. So there is no need to use your tablet or smartphone, although the quality of this screen is not comparable to that of an iPad, for example. The Q500 is not necessarily better than the Phantom, but it’s certainly different.

4 – 3DR Solo


3DR Solo is extremely easy to use. It has many similar features to Phantom3, but instead of using a built-in camera, it uses GoPro Hero 4 (not included). This means that you have the ability to remove the camera and use it for whatever you want. The biggest difference between Solo and almost any other drone with camera is that it is modular / upgradeable. It has a gimbal compartment and an accessory compartment, which means that other companies can easily create Peripherals for the Solo.

Solo is a fantastic tool for capturing aerial images. The price, however, is a downside. A Phantom 3 Standard, for example, costs considerably less than the basic 3DR Solo and still comes with a great camera and gimbal.

5 – Syma X5C


You may be wondering, “What is x5c doing on this list of expensive drones and full of advanced features?” Although the x5c belongs to a different “category”, it is considered a quad with great cost x benefit and was successful. Sales in recent years.

Syma’s X5C is one of the best quadricers for beginners to test their skills, and is great for occasional use by more experienced riders. With its simplified list of features and stylish design, it provides fun and good experience for a very low cost. Most people who only want a cheap gadget for recreational flight will never need another drone in their lives, but the X5C is good for enthusiasts of all levels.

Check out the Syma X5C here The X5C is cheap – and sturdy – enough so you can fly without fear of breaking something if you crash somewhere. It is absolutely perfect to get the feel of piloting drones before investing in something bigger and better. Check out our detailed analysis of the Syma x5C that another post.

Do you agree with this list? Would I add some more drones? Leave your opinion below!

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